Right now, at this moment, I really want to join in on the Fuck you, 2016. And while we’re at it, fuck you 2015! Because quite frankly that was full of shit for me too. But see, if I put that out there and accepted that fuck you, I’d just be drinking more of the kool-aid that I’ve been drinking. Instead, I’m going to accept all the fuck and shit and move on to embracing the fact that so many of my heroes have passed on and are now watching my ass and keeping me even more accountable for what I am supposed to be doing. Not to mention the shattering of the belief that our system of government would actually protect itself from itself with all those checks and balances, even though we’ve seen its disintegration happening for at least the last 30 years. For real!

See, life and death ain’t easy. It’s not suppose to be. It’s all inevitable like death and taxes. If it was suppose to be easy there wouldn’t be this band wagon of fuck you. Think about it. Yes, we are all mourning the loss of so many who meant and taught us so much. But would they be saying fuck whatever. No! They would be working, educating themselves and telling their truth, girded themselves to make this life with all the bitter pills better. It’s what they did and that should be the lesson to us all as we embark on this new life that we all must face.

So instead of fuck you, i’ma say bring it on, you’ve thrown the shits at me, made me slip up, fall down and seen so much failure that I almost lost my breath. Now I know what you are made of, so bring it bitch, because I ain’t done yet.