Hey, y’all want some soap? Seriously! Cause I make it. For real. I make soap. Yes, with lye. Yeah, I can hear you now. Yes. Like in that movie with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Only I don’t go stealing body fat out of biohazard containers.

It started out as a curiosity. This soap making thing. Plus, when I found out about the stuff in commercial production; I was like, shizz, I could probably do one better than that. So, I took to the web for some information and found that this is one intense process and so many different ways, ingredients, techniques and lots of tom foolery by some. You need protective gear so you don’t get chemical burns, which made me even more excited and worried the mister in my life to no end. He was concerned about the potential for things to go awry. But I justified it with: dude, lye is the same stuff put into the stuff that folks straighten their hair. I mean, I spent many an afternoon with my mom applying white cream to my head, scalp tingling and sometimes burning to get straight shiny locks. I have not had the creamy crack in my head for years, but you never forget that feeling.

Soap making also grants a lot of creativity. Combining different oils, herbs, colors, to make a bar that not only cleans well, but can calm the senses and get rid of a nasty itch. Hey, Chi-Town winters can be brutal on skin. And no joke my skin is often like sand paper this time of year. The commercial stuff always claims to make skin soft, exfoliate and transport you. Um, nope. Not the stuff I’ve tried over the years.

Did you know they take some good shizz out of soap. Glycerine. Glycerine is a humectant, that attracts moisture. And most commercial detergent, cause they can’t technically call it soap, takes the glycerin out and sells it separate. Not to mention the other stuff included that don’t really need to be in there to make a bar harder faster or make you feel like it is doing something it really ain’t. Don’t get me stated…

The mister has warmed to the idea of lye being in the house. He sees that I’m careful and conscientious when mixing, blending and handling. And he even has a favorite bar that he uses head to toe. Now to figure out storage of all of the paraphernalia involved.

So, y’all want some soap? Let me know and we can strike a deal.