So, it has been a minute… Yeah, I am still doing soap. Just taking a short break from that at the moment, one of my buddies bought me out of a few for her wedding favors. And I am actually working on some theatre shizz. Currently, I’m understudying with the amazing folks over at LiveWire Chicago Theatre, BOB: A Life in Five Acts. This is an awesome show full of laughter, insight and lots of stuff. You get to go along on a journey with Bob, who’s one cool guy. If you are local you shouldn’t miss it. You get to be apart of some fabulous story telling in an intimate space.
And I am having a blast workshopping The Healer by Rachel DuBose as part of Pegasus Theatre Chicago’s Spring Muse Festival. The Healer is a story about a young girl coming of age, in a most interest way. But that is only a small part of it. Want to find out more? Come see us.

The Healer

I also got to participate in a table read of a film script, The Growing SeasonThe Growing Season tells the story of the case african-american farmers brought against banks for denying federally subsidized loans. I can’t wait to see what develops for this project, because it tells a story that not many people are familiar with. Plus, I got to meet and work with some really cool people for a few hours.

So. That is what I am up to folks. Like I said go see those shows and say, ‘sup, if you see me.